Atlantic City - Post Sandy

November 15, 2012  •  1 Comment

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey and devastated its coastal landmarks and beautiful beaches.  We decided to visit one of the most famous landmarks of the Jersey coast, Atlantic City Boardwalk, to determine the level of recovery that has been underway since Sandy's passage.  From our point of view, the evidence of the disaster left by the hurricane is undeniable, as indicated by the eroding beaches, disappearing sand dunes, and buried walkways.  At low tide, we noticed a clear path of Sandy's destructive power.  


The Atlantic City Boardwalk suffered a tremendous blow, but it is not left unattended; although the power horses were resting when we visited, we observed the clean-up efforts that are under-way throughout the Boardwalk area, revealing a sure sign of recovery.    

_DSC4631 Nevertheless, the evidence of the massive and speedy recovery is depicted by the amount of rubble that has been collected from the broken infrastructures.


The Boardwalk of Atlantic City is slowly recovering and signs of tourism is noticeable.  The Casinos were not empty; the slot machines were constantly ringing when we entered through one of the Casino doors.  

_DSC4632-2 Life is slowing returning to this famous and affluent part of Atlantic City.  Faced with this much destruction, the beauty of the City and its famous Boardwalk remains energized.  We enjoyed seeing the recovery process for this part of New Jersey; hopefully, the rest of AC and New York will feel a similar level of compassion and determination.



Claire D.(non-registered)
Wow! Pictures are artfully elegant! that beautiful blue ski backgrown of the rumble, amazing! Wish I could have volunteered for clean up:( Great pictures, Johnny!
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